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Classic Car Specialists

We have completed work on a number of cars; Minis, Morris Minors, Renault 17s, Audi 80 Quattros, Triumph GT6s, TRs, Jaguar E-Types, etc.

Ever since Rob finished his apprenticeship, he has had a keen interest in Classic Cars, but back then it was less of a hobby and more of a necessity to keep the car of the day on the road. Rob’s first car was a Classic Mini, and with it came rust and mechanical issues, so he soon learned how to strip and repair it.

Having restored the mechanical side of things, he then found he couldn’t afford a full respray, so he learned how to do it himself, the lack of YouTube meaning he had to learn the hard way; with orange peel and paint runs. By the time he had his second car he was much more adept at the whole process and completed a nut and bolt restoration in 18 months, including the body and paint work.

We are Triumph and Mini Specialists

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